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Rhinopetalum arianum, Chargul, Afganistan

Rhinopetalum arianum, Chargul, Afganistan

Rhinopetalum arianum desert Karakum

Rhinopetalum arianum, desert Katchakum

Rhinopetalum bucharicum, Sarigor

Rhinopetalum bucharicum up to 80 flowers, Aksu river

Rhinopetalum bucharicum, Wakhan valley

Rhinopetalum bucharicum, Margob river

Rhinopetalum bucharicum, Bulakdara

Rhinopetaum karelinii, steppe Mir-Alam

Rhinopetalum karelinii

Rhinopetaum karelinii

Rhinopetalum bucharicum, Tuto river

Rhinopetalum karelinii, Rikhin

Rhinopetalum stenantherum album

Rhinopetalum karelinii, Rikhin

Rhinopetalum sp., Yabab, Northern Afganistan

Rhinopetalun stenantherum, Chatkal mountain range

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